What you need:

1. Open up the converter (If it does not run then install the .NET framework)

2. Browse for the path of your Tsukihime install and the path that you’d like the converted files to go to.

3. Press convert. Everything should be straightforward from here. Wait for a message box to pop up to say that the conversion has finished.

4. Go to the output folder. You’ll find two new folders there: “Tsukihime” and “Tsukihime.app”. Copy the contents of these two folders to your iPhone with iFunBox to these paths: “/User/Media/ons/Tsukihime” and “/Applications/Tsukihime.app”. Create the “ons” folder if it’s not already there. If you do not have root file access to your iPhone, go into Cydia and install afc2add.

5. Install OpenSSH from Cydia.

6. Get your iPhone/iPod Touch IP address through Settings -> Wi-Fi -> Click the arrow button next to the network you’re connected to.

7. Open up FileZilla. Connect to the IP you just got from your device with port 22. The username is “root” and the default password is “alpine”.

8. CHMOD the folders you just copied to 777 (Right click -> File Attributes). Make sure you have checked the “Recurse into subdirectories” option.

9. Open up Putty or MobileTerminal (Install from Cydia). And input these commands (If you are on firmware 4.X chances are you won’t need these):

  1. su root
  2. (type in your password when it asks for it – again “alpine” by default)
  3. apt-get install ldid
  4. ldid -S /Applications/Tsukihime.app/onscripter
  5. sysctl -w security.mac.proc_enforce=0 security.mac.vnode_enforce=0
  6. chown -R root:admin /Applications/Tsukihime.app

10. Respring your device. A “Tsukihime” icon should have appeared.

11. Play 🙂 The white buttons on the right from top to bottom are: Esc, Enter, Ctrl, Up, Down.

If you have any problems/questions, leave a comment here.

Unfortunately, the endings that you reach do not register in your save so you won’t be able to reach the Far Side routes unless you download a completed global.sav and copy it onto your device.


A user called William Thieme made an icon set for this and posted it in the comments. Here it is for convenience:

also I created an icon set for it:
just rename to icon.png and paste into /Applications/Tsukihime.app (don’t forget 777 permissions)

Retina display (iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4):

Non-Retina Display (Everything else):


I’ve just managed to compile onscripter with ENABLE_1BYTE_CHAR and FORCE_1BYTE_CHAR on my iPhone toolchain (thanks to iPodOns for providing instructions in compiling the required libraries). I’ll now try looking at the source code patch by mirror moon for Tsukihime and try to get it to work with this.



UPDATE: Tsukihime with the complete save file and Eclipse menu worked after I changed the source code according to mirror moon =)

An unexpected problem…

UPDATE 2: I have fixed this by compiling onscripter with the source code changes that mirror moon made.

Ok. So I was playing through the near side routes seemingly without any problems. I looked at my endings list and found that none were unlocked even though I’d played through the 2 Ciel endings and the true Arc ending. This means the far side routes can’t be played 😦

I did some research and found that psp users using onscripter for tsukihime face the same problem probably because mirror moon edited onscripter before using it for their translation patch.

UPDATE: It seems that mirror moon has released a source code patch for onscripter-en to work with Tsukihime. I’ll try to edit the source code for onscripter and compile it for iPhone.

I’ve managed to get Tsukihime with the English patch by mirror moon to work on my iPhone.

Thanks to iPodOns from http://ipodons.hp.infoseek.co.jp/ for compiling onscripter with ENABLE_1BYTE_CHAR and FORCE_1BYTE_CHAR (so that English text works) after I requested for him to do so.

I might make a tutorial for this soon.


– 0neoc