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So I had a sudden brainwave today and realised that I could try to compiled an older version of onscripter-en for iPhone and see what happens. The newer ones I managed to compiled just wouldn’t work and crashes as soon as it is run.

I managed to get a working (but rather old) version of  onscripter-en to compile after some changes to the source code (mostly commenting out stuff).

Now Umineko no Naku Koro ni seems to work without any problems (although I can’t save right now, and sometimes an annoying black line appears on the screen when sprites appear). Red text etc should work as green text works.

So after I fix the saving problem, I’ll write up a tutorial for Umineko.

UPDATE: I’ve fixed the saving problem. Expect a release/tutorial soon.

UPDATE 2: Also works for Umineko EP6.

Too bad there’s still no wordwrapping, I’ll see what I can do.

Colored text works.

Saving/Loading works:


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Here are the builds of onscripter for iPhone/iPod Touch (latest version). I’ve tested them with OS 4.0.1 (not sure if it still works with 3.1.x, if someone still has that please test). Report any problems you might find by commenting below.

I’ve made two builds, a normal onscripter and one that works for Tsukihime (so replace the files from my Tsukihime tutorial if you want to play it on iOS4, make sure you edit Info.plist and SDLAppParam.plist – see comment below).



Tsukihime Version:


Please give credits if you use these in any games that you might port.

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Onscripter on iPhone iOS4

UPDATED: Everything seems to be completely working, I’ll release after testing some more stuff.

Haven’t made a post in a long while, but I managed to sort of get onscripter to work on iOS4. Right now sound doesn’t work, onscripter buttons/menus (the white thingos on the side (fixed that)), and the status bar blocks out a bit of the screen (which i fixed by editing Info.plist to hide the status bar). I’ll try to get those other things fixed I think everything is fixed.

Meanwhile here’s a screenie (old):

I’m using iOS 4.0.1 on an iPhone 3GS.

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